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Brown-Forman: Staying Ahead of the Curve of Product Traceability with Formula-Based PLM Software Devex

With the rise of global food supply, wide-reaching transparency in food safety, inspection and regulation has touched all aspects of the food and beverage production.

Being able to drill down product formulas by country, ingredient and cost analysis is more imperative than ever for  responding to rapidly changing traceability demands and creating a cost-efficient, compliant production cycle.

Leading spirits manufacturer Brown-Forman has overhauled its global operations and brands to react to these fluid traceability standards and remain competitive in the marketplace.

Jimmy Bookstore, VP Product and Process Development at Brown-Forman, sat down with us to discuss how his department react to these changes, began building internal controls for modern food safety standards and ultimately created an efficient, preventative system for controlling products and formulas.

Download to see how Brown-Forman:

  • Moved away from using error-prone paper systems to PLM software for risk prevention
  • Built a cost and compliance threshold that automatically determines which ingredient types are most favorable within different product lines.
  • Implements traceability standards into multi-layered formulas from the very start of product formulation
  • Manages the creation and submission of custom service documents for country regulatory registrations

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