Devex Baseline Ebook Download

Ebook Download

Devex Baseline: Pre-configured Formula-based Product Lifecycle Management for Food & Beverage Manufacturers

To help companies of all sizes quickly implement a process-based PLM solution, Selerant has designed the DevexBaseline System, a new out-of-the-box PLM solution that contains templates for different vertical industries.

The Devex Baseline System’s Template for the Food & Beverage industry includes modules with pre-configured data sets, workflows and business processes for ingredient, formula, packaging and finished product management.

Download to see how to:

  • Save time, resources and headaches when it comes to ingredient management
  • Implement useful workflows and approvals
  • Streamline formula management
  • Standardize packaging materials

Devex Baseline is built so Food & Beverage companies of any size can implement a structured PLM solution. Devex Baseline’s three configuration profiles offer PLM options for every scenario.

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