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Connecting the R&D Data Dots: 3 Ways to Integrate your ERP Systems with Selerant's Formula-based PLM System Devex

For the product lifecycle to flow efficiently, you need a powerful connection between the data that is often decentralized between your ERP system and PLM system.

Without a set integration, staff often spends time re-entering product data into your ERP system that has already been created in your PLM system -- leading to delays in product data management and data entry errors.

This ebook outlines three ways to integrate any ERP system with Selerant’s formula-based PLM system Devex.

Download to see how to:

  • Streamline product data management from project planning to manufacturing
  • Send product data and status changes into your ERP system as they occur
  • Achieve customizable PLM integration with Oracle SAP
  • Use simplified mass import/export with no coding

No matter your technology budget, back-office operations or IT resources, you’ll get a method for using Selerant's Devex PLM system hand-in-hand with your ERP system.

First, we'd like to get to know you so we can best meet your ERP/PLM integration needs.

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