Selerant will sponsor, exhibit and speak at this year's Food Labeling Conference in Arlington, VA, January 29-30. The conference focus is on evolving regulatory compliance. 

Selerant Speaker: Sandy Gebauer Kelly, Director of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs for North America

SandyKelly-1Sandra Gebauer Kelly currently leads the Selerant RSA team in North America, but has worked in regulatory for major CPG companies for more than 18 years. Sandra’s expertise as both a client and provider gives her a unique understanding to the complexities of managing regulatory affairs, global compliance, raw material and data management. Her role capitalizes on her past experience and allows her to equip companies with the tools and insight needed to accurately ensure compliance in a global market.

Sandy will co-lead a panel on consumer perceptions of GMO labeling. 

From the show website:


Of considerable concern to industry executives is the transition from the term GMO to bioengineered as defined and outlined by the USDA in the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard, which many believe will cause consumer confusion and uncertainty, given the traditional and widely accepted use of GMO. This evolution in language is of concern to many food companies that have already begun production on labeling and marketing the more commonly used term “GMO,” as well as for those organizations currently utilizing non-GMO certification claims. Bringing varied perspectives and stakeholders to the discussion, this panel will provide participants with an opportunity to examine and discuss industry research surrounding the change in terminology and impact on consumer decision making and perception.

  • Consumer drivers in the labeling of GMO’s
  • Forecasting market receptibility to BE term
  • Integrating consumer perspective in GMO claims


Sandra Kelly, SELERANT

Catch Selerant on day one of the program at 11:30 a.m. EST.

Area: Food Labeling, regulatory compliance, GMO, PLM for food and beverage

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