Thursday May 18, 2017

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A profitable morning, started with the “food library”, the most expansive collection of worldwide food regulations, just one click away. It continued with the recipe development simulation & optimization, the integration between DevEX and the Compliance Cloud for real time validation The day first part ended with a round table, in a discussion driven to product innovation.


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Different topics have been covered in the EHS morning: from regulatory like FIAP and allergens, to the useful intervention of Mr. Arpisella, REACH Technical Manager,  about inspections.
A crossing presentation between our regulatory specialist & software developer has deepened the Exposure Scenario tool, easy & flexible solution to generate ES document.
Another valuable intervention at our conference: Assogomma, the plastic and rubber federation.
Mr. Finazzi, Assogomma Officer, outlined the sharing expertise and integration of a useful Selerant tool designed for plastic and rubber producers.    
The day first part ended with a round table in a discussion driven to product innovation, with a dedicated space for participants' questions and interventions.

The afternoon, for both the delegations, has been spent for training, on regulatory topics, practical exercises and overview on Selerant software solutions.

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