DevEX Customer News: Support Ending for MS Internet Explorer 10 and any .NET Framework prior to 4.7.1

Effective Q3 2018, along with the publication of the DevEX 3.7 release, Selerant will no longer support neither IE10 nor any .NET Framework prior to 4.7.1.

The decision is mainly fueled by the Microsoft choice to end support for these versions.

"From a technical side, MS dismissed the IE10 support, and then they do not guarantee the compatibility and the resolution of eventual problems" said Andrea Sala, the DevEX Program Manager.

“In general, the IE10 performance is very low" Sala continues. "Supporting both IE10 and Edge is very onerous and boasts few benefits, and supporting Edge is a must because it is the direction in which MS is moving.”
Ending support for IE10 will also allow us to invest more resources in a homogeneous style of the application, and there are technical difficulties associated with IE10."

Marco Franzè, DevEX Solution Architect, remarks that, “upgrading our solution to the latest version of .NET framework provides benefits in terms of security and overall performance.”

What Does This Mean for DevEX Users?

Ending support for IE10 does not mean that the system stops working for previous DevEX releases.

Selerant will simply no longer guarantee the compatibility of DevEX with IE10 and any .NET Framework prior to 4.7.1 for the 3.7 release and onward. Note that IE11 will still be supported by DevEX 3.7.

If you are planning to upgrade to DevEX 3.7 or higher, please ensure that a supported version of the .NET Framework is installed both on the servers and on the clients, and be sure that a supported version of IE is in use on the users’ devices.

Please contact your Selerant project manager to learn more.

Tags: Product Lifecycle Management