Posted by Selerant on 5/04/2019

Selerant has today announced a new version of its flagship platform, Devex 3.8. With Devex PLM, companies can bring more innovation products to market faster with lower costs and higher safety to meet the demands of their consumers.

From Idea to Label

From idea to label, Selerant core Devex PLM platform enables companies to unify and control critical aspects of New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI), including innovation and R&D, specification and formulation management, product portfolio management, compliance and packaging.



 “With the release of Devex 3.8, Selerant proves a continuous investment in the innovation of the entire PLM platform,” said Mariagiulia Faraoni, PLM Solution Manager at Selerant. “We have great reinforcement in the customer experience and labeling area, as well as in document management to improve collaboration. We have also developed detailed updates in the Regulatory and Environment, Health and Safety, Project Portfolio Management and Supplier Collaboration features to ensure compliance with the latest legislation amendments.

Devex 3.8 introduces exciting new functionality to streamline workflow, improve collaboration and enhance a number Devex PLM modules including:

Achieve a new level of working performance with updated minimalistic and intuitive design of Devex objects. Easily navigate through the system with the help of new tips in the dialog fields.

Make quick and accurate decisions in product development with new interactive and visual charts in the Projects dashboard widgets.

Create your labels quickly and easily: now you have all the advanced features of the overall Ingredient Statement wizard within our fast, visual and intuitive Express Ingredient Statement tool. Generate enhanced Nutritional Fact Panels with extra formatting options in our Nutritional Label tool.

Efficiently collaborate with your colleagues exchanging notes and markups on PDF documents, easily keeping an overview of all document’s versions and revisions, thanks to updated PDF viewer and annotation tool.

Get enhanced user experience and better performance while using the Regulatory module functionality.

Keep up with new legislative requirements in the Hazardous Chemicals market due to a new framework for the UFI codes management, support
of ADR 2019, new GHS modules, and a new regulatory analysis for Detergents.

Track losses in food and packaging for each step of the product lifecycle along with the better evaluation of the environmental impact of the production, thanks to the new mass balance change in food losses calculation.


"From increased label transparency to improved supplier collaboration, manufacturers have an ever-increasing set of industry demands and product development needs, all while driving accelerated product time to shelf and remaining compliant,” said Jacopo Colombo, Selerant’s Chief Technology Officer. “Our Devex 3.8 PLM platform reduces product time to market and development costs, while delivering process-based manufacturers integrated tools and processes that boost the collaboration, visibility, harmonization, validation and traceability of the data and actions performed at each stage of the product management lifecycle.” 

Existing Devex customers can contact their Selerant account team for a demo on Devex 3.8 and a product update.
Devex 3.8 also seamlessly integrates with the newly-released Devex product.

For more information on new Devex features visit:



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