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New York, New York – May 10, 2018Selerant, a leading global provider of formula-based product lifecycle management (PLM) software, today announced a new version of its flagship platform, DevEX 3.6. With DevEX PLM, companies can bring better products to market faster with lower costs and with higher safety. 

From idea to label, Selerant’s core DevEX PLM platform enables companies to unify and control critical aspects of New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI), including innovation and R&D, specification and formulation management, product portfolio management, compliance, and packaging.

“With the release of DevEX 3.6, Selerant demonstrates a continuous investment in the innovation of the entire PLM platform,” said Mariagiulia Faraoni, PLM Solution Manager at Selerant. “We have great enhancements in the labeling area as well as in document management to improve collaboration, and we have made detailed updates in the regulatory framework to ensure compliance with the latest legislation amendments. With our diverse user base, it was important that we enhance the platform across all modules with a goal to make our sophisticated PLM platform even better for our customers.”

DevEX 3.6 enhances the current set of modules with the platform. Innovations within these modules include:

  • Labeling: DevEX 3.6 includes new express ingredient statement functionality, including one-page visual creation. New labeling updates also include RACC related nutritional facts, the ability to have both serving size and portion size calculated and displayed on the nutritional label, serving size rounding, an option for users to set daily values at the calculated nutrient value or the rounded declared value, enhancements to the GDA icons, rounding rules and NFP templates for China and Mercosur as well as China additive declarations and GCC & China date of manufacturing options.
  • Product Development (PD): An intuitive formula development and management tool, this module supplies R&D users with a rich set of features that enable optimal product design and development for both recipes and packaging while also accelerating formulation and ensuring compliance and adherence to targets. An exciting new feature in this module is the Formula Timeline View, which allows users to see the full history of the formula, together with a link to the formula specifications, in an easy, intuitive way. Formulators will also now be able to manage the Critical Control Points (for Equipment and Product) in the recipe development, with a new tool specifically designed to manage equipment types and inventory.
  • Product Data Management (PDM): This core module provides master data and quality control through a specification management system that not only defines and manages documents, but also equips companies to standardize procedures for best-of-breed methodology. New functionality in the document management system includes the ability to add annotations to PDF files and manage those annotations.
  • Regulatory: Selerant’s most unique module commonly referred to as Reg leverages a cyclical regulatory process for product development that touches every stage of the product lifecycle—not just at a final launch step—facilitating compliance at the highest level. New in DevEX 3.6 are updates for the new European Regulations for CLP: ATP 8th and 9th.
  • Supplier Collaboration Portal (SCP): This cloud-based self-service module is an add-on designed for use by both supplier and client organizations to facilitate and simplify the qualification, registration and subsequent ongoing management of suppliers and vendors. DevEX 3.6 now includes advanced solutions for the management of approvers and watchers as well as analytical charts for questionnaires and messages and an advanced management of notification, supported by an embedded Email Tracking system.

"From increased label transparency to improved supplier collaboration, manufacturers have an ever-increasing set of industry demands and product development needs, all while driving accelerated product time to shelf and remaining compliant,” said Sunil Thomas, Selerant’s Chief Operations Officer, North America. “Our DevEX 3.6 PLM platform reduces product development costs and time to market while giving process-based manufacturers integrated tools and processes that boost the visibility, harmonization, validation and traceability of the data and actions performed at each stage of the product lifecycle.” 

Existing DevEX customers can contact their Selerant account team for a demo on DevEX 3.6 and a product update. DevEX 3.6 also seamlessly integrates with the newly-released DevEX Baseline product. For more information on DevEX, visit:

About Selerant

Founded in 1990, Selerant Corporation is a leading global provider of formula-based product lifecycle management (PLM) software and consulting services within three core process manufacturing segments: Food & Beverages, Personal Care/Pharmaceutical and Specialty Chemicals. From idea to label, Selerant ensures compliance and facilitates innovation for the entirety of formula-based PLM. Selerant has offices in the United States, Italy, China, Germany, France, Switzerland, India, Serbia, and Ukraine. 

Selerant food and beverage customers include: 

  1. Ghirardelli Chocolate Company
  2. Perfetti Van Melle
  3. Wrigley
  4. McCormick
  5. Nestlé
  6. Hillshire Brands
  7. Welch’s
  8. Continental Mills
  9. Brown-Forman
  10. Bacardi

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