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CIMdata says Selerant Blog is "a great resource for PLM practitioners"


NEW YORK – (February 13, 2014) —  Selerant ( announces its educational Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) blog at

“We saw the need to provide expertise to team leaders and executives,” states Selerant COO, Sunil Thomas.  “This blog provides best practices in a clear and concise format.”

The blogs currently feature brief explanations with actionable instructions for PLM best practices, including:


Compliant Labeling

Recipe Management

PLM/ERP Integration

PLM Acronyms (what they actually mean)

“We meet with several industry leaders.  They always ask us to clarify why they need PLM,” explains Thomas.  “We created this series to help them evaluate if this is truly the best solution for them.”

Many blogs provide downloadable forms that allow companies to define their needs, compare and contrast with multiple vendors, and start defining the scope of their PLM solution.

“The Selerant Blog is a great resource for PLM practitioners especially within the process industry. It provides relevant, practical information that can help companies improve their PLM solution” states Tom Gill, Senior Consultant from CIMdata.


About Selerant

Founded in 1990, Selerant Corporation focuses solely on formula-based product development software to expedite time to market, ensure quality and regulatory compliance, improve product quality, and build lasting relationships with their customers. 

Earning the prestigious ISO-9001: 2000 certification for best practices, as well as successfully achieving FDA 21CFR PART II compliance implementation, Selerant provides exceptional service and solutions for over 500 companies and global mid-sized organizations.  With a global presence and over 300 cumulative years of experience, Selerant offers unique expertise to serve leaders in process manufacturing industries, including:  Food, Beverage, Flavor, Chemicals, Paint, Ink, Fragrance, Household Goods, Pharmaceuticals, and Cosmetics.

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About CIMData

CIMdata, an independent worldwide firm, provides strategic management consulting to maximize an enterpriseʼs ability to design and deliver innovative products and services through the application of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). CIMdata provides world- class knowledge, expertise, and best-practice methods on PLM. CIMdata also offers research, subscription services, publications, and education through international conferences. To learn more about CIMdataʼs services, visit our website at or contact CIMdata at: 3909 Research Park Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48108, USA. Tel: +1 734.668.9922. Fax: +1 734.668.1957; or at Oogststraat 20, 6004 CV Weert, The Netherlands. Tel: +31 (0) 495.533.666.




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